About moi

I'm a motion designer working between Sydney and New York. I have a Bach. in Communications (Media Arts Production) from the University of Technology Sydney and a Dip. in VR and AR from E'cole D'Ingeniurs, Paris.


I specialise in the following

web design + development

A successful social-media campaign relies heavily on the pulling power of visual content. I specialise in creating compelling interactive video, animation, kinetic type and all manner of engaging snackable content optimised for the attention span and specs of ‘the timeline’.

Interactive and Experiential Media

Content needs to evolve alongside technology, and it pays to be on the cutting edge of new media trends and opportunity. I create and implement interactive media solutions from AR filters to Virtual Reality experiences, backed by extensive tertiary study undertaken both in Australia and internationally.


Using animation to engage and sustain interest is an imperative part of motion design, be it clarifying complex ideas in corporate infographics or breathing life into a cute character or mascot. I specialise in fresh, clean and engaging animation solutions for all applications, including complex walk cycles, puppet animation and more.


By combining multiple 3D workflows in a solution-focused practice my work spans: product and packaging design; 3D avatar customisation; and world building. An augmentation of my experience in VR and animation, 3D can bring an elevated sense of polish to your project or product.