About Project

An generative installation for Zip Art show, Caravaglia Studios, Soho NYC.

Live Project

"I finally died! Welcome to my digital tomb!"


Inspired by the grief following the death of a loved one, ‘’ is an interactive / generative artwork that allows the viewer to chat online with my ‘digital ghost’. Marrying the awkwardness with which we deal with death and bereavement in Western culture with the morally disassociated culture of the Internet, alienates viewers by forcing them to participate in what Michael Arntfield calls “sepulchral hierarchy”. Stock-like in aesthetic and automated in function, this fairly godless memorial is a nod to the bedrock of neckbeard philosophy that underpins the Internet – it is at once deeply personal yet not at all.

Principal concepts:

  • Sepulchral hierarchy (Arntfield)– the creation of a status system amongst the digital dead due to the online mediation of grief
  • The collision of atoms and bits (Negroponte) – the online world as no longer a mirror of humanity but actually human – we live online.

It serves as a polemic against the ever-centralizing Internet topography by circumventing the fetters of social media, which aggregates, tags and shows unwanted content even in one’s wake.

In a nod to Reddit-borne online culture, the aesthetic of this digital tomb takes atheist worship to a new level. It is, what I like to call, ‘Fedora-core’.

II. Empathy Simulator

III. Forum